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On-The-Ground Mission
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Thanks to the Lord for another mission trip in south-central Nepal. We praise the Lord for safety as we traveled on bicycles and a motorized rickshaw for nearly 3 hours through the dense forest of Chitwan National Park to our destination. We give God praise for His mercy and grace.

We met our field pastors and believers of the church. We did a conference among 300+ people where we shared about knowing our identity in Christ. We shared with them about understanding the authority we have ourselves from our Father God to get rid of the clutches of the devil. They were very motivated to understand the importance of knowing their identity in Christ to know Him more, read their Bible regularly, and help one another to grow. Also, to appreciate each others’ success and blessings, learn to sow wisely and reap abundantly and most importantly, be assured of His grace and love towards us to stand strong in Him through righteousness.

After the conference we enjoyed the time being with them, taking their feedback, and listening to their heart-touching testimonies. We took the opportunity to meet their families and understand their struggles of doing ministry in some pitiful and worse conditions. Sunmaya Praja told us that it had been a while since the church had felt the strong presence of Jesus Christ through such a powerful message. Another Pastor, Ram Chepang thanked us for saying, “Thank you, Pastor, for restoring my faith back in Christ”. We were encouraged to hear such wonderful praise of God. These words touched our hearts and we were happy to understand that the conference had a big impact and it was very productive.

We are sharing this ongoing news and testimony about one of our most active RHMI native missionaries from the Himalayas who got a stroke due to high blood pressure. He had a blood hemorrhage in his brain on March 16, 2020, and was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctors indicated that Pastor Purna’s chances of survival were very low but they would do their best for him and prepared for immediate surgical procedures. After a successful surgery to arrest the bleeding they were still unsure about his well-being. Doctors had explained to us that due to the serious illness, still there might be some serious impacts over the rest of his organs. They said if it impacted his brain, he might lose his consciousness forever, and if it’s over his nervous system he may be paralyzed. We all believe our God is a miracle-working God and walks with his children in their journey. We trust Him.

Pastor Purna has kids and a wife and they are full-time ministers of the Lord in the Himalayas. They had only $50 before admitting him to the hospital. Our senior leader of that place, also, had only $70 so, we supported a small amount of money that we could afford for now to assist them. The total amount for discharge has yet not been disclosed, but we depend on our God to see this financial need met, also. So kindly pray with us for his situation. Thank you.

Today, Pastor Purna is getting better while in the hospital. Because of the fervent prayers and concern of believers after 4 days in a coma and fighting for his life, he recovered from his coma. We are so thankful for your continuous prayers that today he has received yet another life to rejoice and work in the ministry with us once again. Only his wife was permitted to visit him in the ICU. When she saw him, she asked him how he was feeling and he whispered but not in a clear voice, “I am…strong in the Lord.” Due to the medical windpipes in his mouth, he could not speak much, but surely, he has opened both eyes and has started moving his hands and feet. We are immensely so happy to see the hand of God in his life. Thank you very much for joining hands in our lives through all our sorrows and miseries and see us through by your prayers that are always reaching heaven on our behalf. God is so GOOD! We give Him praise!

THANK YOU and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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