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Once people find their peace and freedom in Jesus, there is no turning back…!

One of the beautiful couples of the remote Himalayas embraces such a touching life story that brings tears to many eyes.

In the context of Nepal’s poor situation, when the burden of the family debts becomes overwhelming, then a man has no option other than to go abroad for employment purposes to support his family. A young man full of energy and confidence went to India with the dream of earning good wages and clearing his debt quickly. But unfortunately, he became very sick; he developed severe back pain which wasn’t getting cured even after several expensive medications.

His wife accepted Jesus in her husband’s absence and was exiled out of her husband’s family’s house and was taking refuge in the local church.

Later, with an empty hand, as her husband returned to Nepal and knew everything, he immediately went to the church to meet his wife. As he convinced her to return home, his father and mother refused to accept her back.

Then, they both started living in the church. After a time, he got completely healed due to continuous prayer and the church’s support. He accepted Jesus and both started serving the church in its different services for 6 months. Ultimately, the church decided to provide them free sewing training which was happening in the church through RHMI. They both took the training for a few months. They were so excited, energetic, very smart, and learned quickly.

Later, at the request of the senior mission field leader, our RHMI team supported them with opening a new shop of their own.

Today they have not just cleared their debts through the shop but, also, they have been blessed so much that they allocated tithes every month. They are looking after their three children’s school fees, sharing the Gospel to many visitors and customers, and leading many to the church.

Amid the current ongoing lockdown where there are scarcities everywhere and no jobs, they are receiving frequent customers and earning very well.

They convey a heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every member of RHMI for your prayers and support.

Dear partners, your generosity and sacrificial support have literally helped light a fire in many kitchens, saved many from depression and unpleasant incidents, brought hope in many darkened lives, and most importantly gave a positive direction in leading lives through Jesus into salvation.

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