New House Churches

New House Churches
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Praise and Glory to our Lord! Thank you all for your support and prayers to the mission field. Our Pastors succeeded in establishing 79 new house churches in the remotest villages. The fellowships are strong in these villages. More people are being added every week and the fire of the Holy Spirit is spreading all over the villages like wildfire. Despite working in the fields harvesting all day, believers get excited to hear God’s Word and have praise and worship in the evening.
Once, I asked one old man if he was tired and advised him to take some rest in his house. He stood up and told me, “I am physically tired but not in spirit. I will not sleep this early. I will praise my God the whole night”. I was astonished to see such energy in such villagers in remote areas. These people are poor in terms of money and possessions, but rich in heart and passion for Christ, filled up with excitement and enthusiasm to dedicate their lives unto him.
I pray anyone who reads this, may be filled with the same compassion and excitement. May everyone be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ.

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