Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | TRAINING LEADERS
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Evangelism results in church planting. The goal of evangelism as given by our Lord Jesus Christ is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). Church planting is at the heart of Reach Himalaya ministries. . We have therefore decided to bring good biblical instruction into various locations throughout our mountain region. RHM recruits and trains church planters from throughout our mountain region of Nepal. The training centres exist to provide biblical teaching, practical tools and develop church planting skills while encouraging the personal spiritual growth of planters and their families..

Many of these Native church planters are passionate for God and they have a burning desire to equip themselves theologically. But financial constraints prevent them from receiving such formal training.

Only 10% of all active full time workers in the Himalayas have received any type of formal training? Our pastors and leaders, who are doing a wonderful job in the church, they have very little theological education. We have had a growing realization that in order to continue building more and healthier churches in the Himalayas, there are a number of challenges standing in our way. Many of the pastors and leaders grew up in strong Hindu or Buddhist families. Many have only a limited education. They are scattered in many remote areas of the Himalayas and don’t have computers or internet access. Many are bi-vocational and have families they need to continue providing for. The greatest challenge I found among my people is the discouragement, lack of resources and training they have. Often church leaders are working in isolated environments. Opposition from non-Christians, and even sometimes from non-believing family members, is the greatest hindrance to their ministry. As Reach Himalaya Ministries we are praying and training to bring the Gospel nonetheless.

Will you please consider helping us to train pastors and leaders as well as raising up the youth of the region? Has the Lord been speaking to you about helping the growing church in the Himalayas? Are you willing to equip the leaders of this vital ministry? Whether it is a monthly commitment or a one time gift, it will be such a great blessing and it would help us to know that you are supporting the Gospel’s progress in this region.

Can you afford $2.70 a day – less than the cost of a McDonald’s meal or a Starbucks coffee! That seems so little to provide such valuable training in the Gospel! As you sow into this ministry know that the Lord will see the generosity of your heart and reward you for your faithfulness. He will multiply your seed sown (2 Corinthians 9:10).

To support one student for one month currently costs approximately US$80. This includes all accommodation, food, and training.Any one-time gifts will be used to help cover student transportation, student evangelistic outreach, medical support if needed, training manuals and printing costs.

We thank you for joining with us in helping raise a new generation leaders in Nepal!