Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | FILM MINISTRY
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In the Himalayan Region there are thousands of villages in the mountains, in the hills and in the southern plains. There are hundreds of innocent people, illiterates who haven’t heard the name of Jesus and don’t easily understand the Gospel explained in words. But now through the Jesus film depicting the life of Jesus, they can see and believe what they have seen through their naked eyes.

Hundreds of thousands who have never heard about Jesus are now seeing God’s love and His sacrifice in reality and the need of salvation for their souls. This has resulted in a wave of explosion of major openings in totally unknown, unreached villages in the remote Himalayas.

The film ministry has been proven to be an exciting and effective tool In the Himalayas. The film ministry consists of a team of 4 to 5 missionary challenged by the wonderful opportunity to reach with the Gospel in spite of the hardships involved. But even to reach the mountains regions is no easy task for it is easily said than done. The job involves carrying film equipment, generator, petrol and other accessories by our brothers, porters and sometimes they use bullock carts in plain areas having to walk for a days together under the scorching sun, dusty roads, dangerous forest trails, snowy and slippery mountain footpaths. This is the high price that a film team is willing to pay so that the many hungry souls will be able to see the Gospel come alive on the screen.

The Lord is using film ministry as one of the most successful ways to share the Gospel with the remote villages in the Himalayas. We are currently showing the “Life of JESUS”. Many people are hearing and seeing for the first time the precious sacrifice of God’s Son and how they can receive His forgiveness and salvation.