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Can you imagine? 61 new believers got baptized at once.

It was the biggest number we have recorded in a while. I was literally feeling that charge of the Holy Spirit when I heard the number. I was so eager to meet all of them and welcome them into God’s Kingdom. As I heard of it, immediately I praised the Lord and thanked Him for the miracles happening in the Himalayas. Our native leaders are successfully working day and night to gather the lost flocks and bring them to Christ, the true Shepherd. When it comes to serving the Lord amid terrific persecution and strict governmental regulations, these unsung heroes of the faith are so much appreciated. Indeed, Psalms 91 is executed among our native missionaries.

My heartfelt thanks go to Ps. R who serves the Lord in the most terrifying scenarios despite his own disabilities and personal struggles. He is indeed a true man of God. I am humbled to receive His company in ministering in the Himalayas and walk the journey together.

Ps. R says, “Pastor, gathering 61 souls is not like plucking flowers and emptying a garden. In contrast to it, it’s like gardening beautiful flowers in God’s garden. Now, these flowers will blossom and highlight the garden’s honour with sweet fragrances. I know my native people who once committed are loyal to their beliefs and disciplines. God’s grace and mercy are always among us.”

Dear partners, I love sharing the good news with you through this monthly newsletter. I am always thankful for your faithful prayer support and kind appreciation. May God bless our journey together forever. Thank you for your partnership.

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