Life sewed with threads of Hope!

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Mrs. Gayatri Rana is a housewife and has four kids to look after.


According to her, the short-term labor jobs her husband has to take are not enough for their children’s education and other household expenditures. Highlighting the severity of the house, the inadequate salary of her husband has always been a barrier to fulfilling the family’s necessities.

She says, “I see my husband’s stresses. I have seen him exhausted and returning home with a sad face. Of course, he disguises it and changes into a happy father, but I know his true feelings.


In our community, men work outside while women are to work inside. Therefore, women always stay home and do regular house chores. However, I am so glad that there is equity in today’s generation. And I have always wanted to become a helping hand to my husband. I wanted to contribute to my family, but we had no option other than agriculture. I wanted to do something different. It is disheartening to imagine my children going hungry if my husband suffers from severe illness.

I am thankful for all the generous hearts and helping hands for providing us with new hope. We are immensely grateful to Paul’s corner and the sewing machines. It is a ray of hope for many women like me who want to do something independently.”

Dear partners, praise the Lord that we have successfully established a new sewing training center in the Far-western region of Nepal. Thank you very much for caring for my native sisters and helping them become independent. Besides learning to sew and make clothes, the training center will be a meeting point for church planting, a rise of evangelism among sisters, a center of care and concern, and a lighthouse with regular bible studies.


Thank you very much for your partnership.


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