Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Sewing Machine
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Providing an income generation opportunity for remote and rural under privileged people of the Himalayas and to give a desperate chance to escape from poverty helping to empower women and young girls to come out of sex trafficking trade through the purchase of a sewing machine.

Extreme poverty touches every part of life. When a family’s income is small, they lack food and often their children go to bed hungry. Their bodies become weak and malnourished. Making things worse, contaminated water ushers all manner of disease into their home. This leaves them with no education, no good job opportunities and no way out of poverty.

And the cycle will only continue unless something changes.

  • 27% literacy rate.
  • 1 in 4 females are involved in child labour.
  • 160,000 Nepalese women are held in Indian brothels some as young as eleven.
  • 25% are married between the ages of 15-19
  • 70-80% are anaemic
  • 53 years is the life expectancy
  • Nepali women carry the weight of their caste and the pressure of their Dowry. They are deprived of education and discriminated against in the job market.

This is why Karuna {Compassion} exists to provide and empower dignity and income generation opportunities to remote and under privileged people of the Himalayas. It gives them a chance to escape from poverty and helps to empower women and young girls to come out of sex through the purchase of a sewing machine.

The sex trafficking trade is big business where girls from Nepal are brought into India for forced prostitution. It is perhaps one of the busiest slave trafficking routes anywhere in the world, with an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 Nepali women trafficked across the border every year and an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 Nepali trafficked persons still in India.

Sewing is not just a hobby; it is an opportunity to earn a livelihood for their family.

The gift of sewing machine can quickly reverse the effects of poverty and prevent them from being sold into sex trafficking. You can give a gift of a sewing machine for $160 and these women can generate an income; they will gain dignity and status in the community, a brighter future for their families, and for many, within one generation, the cycle of poverty is broken and a new relationship with Jesus Christ established!

Testimony: “I want to thank [those] who made my dream come true with this sewing machine.” – Anita Praja

Gift of $160: When you purchase a sewing machine for a mother, her children no longer have to work and will likely even be able to go to school. Sow into her life peace of mind and a love for Jesus. Right now, you can give a sewing machine for only $160!

Gift of $150: – tuition for the 6 month tailoring course! Women’s lives are dramatically changed by this program, as they learn new skills that allow them to provide for their families, while also learning about the saving love of Jesus Christ.

Gift of $500 per month: Provides full support of a Tailoring Centre to include the tuition and support of 20 students!

Gift of $1100: If you’d like to fully fund the set-up of a Tailoring Centre.