Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Dairy Cow Farming
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 A Kingdom Business:
We have recently started a small diary farm in North India. Dairy cow farming means ‘raising highly milk productive cows commercially for milk production purpose’. It’s absolutely a part of agriculture or animal husbandry, enterprise for long term milk production from cows. Commercial dairy cow farming business is not a new idea. People are raising dairy cows for milk production from the ancient time. Dairy cow farming business is still a profitable business venture throughout the world.

We know the importance of teaching about providing sources and means of opportunity to help oneself and others. Without hope of an income source a life of poverty and dispair can ravage the mind and spirit of remote villagers. As prayers and thanksgiving sustain this Kingdom business the dairy farming makes provisions through many different ways for many people. This farm is a way to worship our Father God. It is a self sustaining business and can expand while supporting our pastors and believers. It can provide means for missionary evangelism to unreached people who might otherwise never hear about Jesus Christ or experience first hand His love for them. Also, the jobs created by the farm can provide much needed support for the community.