Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Cow Goat & Buffalo
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Today, it is hard for many Christians living in developed regions like America and Europe to imagine a life without three meals a day. Putting dinner on the table can be as simple as ordering a pizza or turning on the microwave. Sometimes, driving to the local fast food restaurant does the trick. Blessed with these conveniences, it is easy to forget that, for the vast majority of the world’s population, a daily meal is never a certainty. But for some, owning just one farm animal can make the difference between feeding a family or watching children go to bed hungry.

The first miracle Jesus Christ performed was turning water into wine. Later, while telling thousands about the Kingdom of God, he paused to miraculously feed them with a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread. Quoting from Deuteronomy, Jesus rebuked the devil by saying “Man does not live on bread alone.” Jesus understood that man must eat to live, and that only the living can turn to him for salvation and eternal life.

Following Christ’s example, RHM seeks to provide farm animals where they are most needed in poor regions of South Asia. Goats farming in the Himalayas have helped Christians to support a local church, which becomes an avenue of Christian outreach to people who might otherwise never hear about Jesus Christ or experience first-hand His love for them. Goats Farming are providing a similar means of financial and spiritual support to believers, and a way for them to share the gospel “over a glass of milk” with those who have yet to hear about Christ.

For Maya’s goats are very precious to her. She loves and cares for them. She is only in 5th grade. And one day she will get an education from the income they generate for her family. In a way, her education has already begun, for Maya sees her parents tithe from their Goats a portion of their income each week to the church. In another village, Native Missionary Lal Singh receive much needed income from his goats and return a portion of their earnings to support the Lord’s work in his church. Recently our Native Missionary Pastor Lal Singh Tamang with the income from his goats farming he fixed his church roof, now he and his believers are safe from monsoon rain.

In Himalayas, Reach Himalaya Ministries has enabled Christians living in areas of great poverty to purchase cows, buffalo, and goats, provide milk to nourish growing children, and also pig and chickens offer hope for a better future and of greatest importance open doors of opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with neighbors and friends.

Friend, will you consider sponsoring:

A milk giving goat for $120

A baby goat for $90

A milking cow for $450

A milking Buffalo for $600

Be a partner in these ministries through your prayers and financial support.