Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Adult Literacy
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“Women in the Himalayas routinely suffer from lack of access to education, money and technology. Barely 25% of Nepali women are literate. They face systematic discrimination due to institutionalized chauvinism and a pronounced cultural preference for sons in Nepali society. The fundamental goal of REACH Himalaya Ministries, Women’s Empowerment program is empowerment – working with women to help them gain the confidence and skills to be leaders in their communities. Native Himalayan people are embracing the Gospel message of hope. Needs and Opportunities: Illiteracy is an epidemic in the Himalayan Region. Bible-based Adult Literacy classes are bringing hope of a brighter future to the poor in the Himalayas.

Global literacy experts believe 75% of Himalayan people are functionally illiterate – that’s twice the official government estimates.

Of the approximately 8 million children in Nepal, 60% have never even stepped foot inside a school and over 50% of the entire population of Nepal is illiterate. There are approximately 30 million people in Nepal. Almost 80% of the population of Nepal is below the poverty line. 50% of the entire population of Nepal is Illiterate. Over 30 million people – Almost 80% of the population of Nepal is below poverty line. 80% of People in Nepal earn less than $1 a day. REACH Himalaya Ministries Bible-based Adult Literacy Classes are bringing hope of a brighter future to poor people of the Himalayas.

God is using literacy to transform individuals, families, and entire communities in Nepal.

Adult Literacy Classes Changed Lives.

A window of great opportunity is OPEN In the Himalayas. Today, God is opening huge doors to remote villages through literacy… and transforming entire families and communities. Can you please consider helping us to give a gift of literacy to some people in the remote villages of Himalayas for only $15 a month?