It All Depends Whose Hand That It’s In

It All Depends Whose Hand That It's In
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“It all depends WHOSE HAND that it’s in”


Chaudhary Aama, A lady of 63 years old, coming from a Strict Hindu family background in a Tharu Community, got her 3 years completely confined by the demonic possessions.

A prominent lady of the remotest place of West Dhangadi, had been through indescribable nightmares in her life. Her beautiful and enjoyable life was suddenly clutched by a bad spirit that made her life upside down.

Her family and her relatives were dismayed and worried about her situation.

They underwent many shamanic treatments and procedures, offering numerous chickens, goats, eggs, money, and other livestock. She was kept by the local witch doctors for a month to perform their treatments.

She was also taken to hospitals, but medical science couldn’t heal her either.

Nothing resulted in positive signs.

After many attempts, it was conspicuous that she would live no more, but will end in a devastating tragedy.

Her vicious behavior, rolling on the ground, terrifying staring, and scary persona became the reason for her own children’s fright and villagers detest.

She was completely living a life of a dry leaf in a desolate ground.

After many years, Pastor Phaliad, one of our senior Mission field leaders from West Nepal, with his team was outreaching and evangelizing in the village nearby.

As her husband heard about the miraculous redemption in Jesus Christ, he consulted about her wife with them. The Pastor asked him to bring his wife to the Church.

He took her in a rickshaw and laid her in front of the pulpit. Ps. Phaliad and his prayer team prayed over her for several hours. Many manifestations took place. The demonic spirit inside her body made her weep, jump, shout, hit herself, and bang her head on the floor.

After several hours of prayer, miraculously the devil fled away. Her face suddenly glowed and a radical transformation was seen in her body.

She and her family, instantly accepted Jesus and after three continuous visits to the Church, she took water Baptism which flourished her life more beautifully.

Hallelujah! Praises to the Lord.

The treatments that are impossible for Human on Earth is possible for God dwelling in Heaven.

Wow! Hallelujah! What a glorious deed of our powerful Jesus?

Today, this prominent lady of the village has led many souls to Christ through her life testimony. Her healing and transformation are the reasons for the establishment of a church in her own house where apart from the regular Saturday service, women from her village gather regularly to pray and do the fellowship.

They sing, dance, and enjoy the glory of God from their hearts. They just don’t enjoy the fellowships but celebrate it like a big festival. How impactful and powerful it is?

The Church grew instantly with many numbers of new believers. And as a result, today a new Church has been built in another village for distant members of the Church. Many got water baptized while many are ready to receive the water baptism.

Thank you, partners, for your prayer support and sacrificial generosities.

Your love and support have borne ripened fruits.

Today half of the total Village population is singing the praises of the Lord altogether. How fascinating it is.

Still… more to conquer and more to do.

We hope the blessings flowed to you through this testimony video as it has impacted many.

Keep motivating and supporting us through your prayer and love.

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