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I believe that, apart from prayer and any support, meeting our pastor and missionaries in person is a must. The face-to-face meeting can provide more closeness, clear perception, and helps us to understand each other better. Not only do we have the opportunity to gather information and plan about the future, but we also form bonds of love for fellow brothers in the full-time work of the ministry. This is evidenced by the attachment we possess that results in tears and long hugs while meeting and sharing our greetings when we first meet them again.

This time, we had a wonderful opportunity to have a leadership meeting with our amazing mission field leaders and to impart to them as encouragement, RHMI’s vision. We also were able to listen to them in person rather than reading their testimonies and reports in writing. They were very happy to see us and welcome us with their hospitality. All thanks are to the Lord for the quality time we were able to spend with them.

When they write their reports to me, they would always say, “God has given me abundantly. I need nothing but kindly pray for my Church members.” But to see the reality of the situation left me speechless.

As I physically inspected their situation, I saw a huge difference. In their reports, they did not focus on their anxiety, scarcity, and grief. They never wrote me about their problems and lack. All they have always learned is to thank God and look to Him for their provision.

As I asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about your problems in the family?”

They replied, “We are the redeemed ones. We are already blessed with His provision. Of course, we need regular support but we are also well-acquainted with poverty. We know how earnestly you are praying for us so that we can have regular food on our table. God has always provided us before we even ask Him. Our faith is in Christ. And most importantly, our mouth must speak blessings all the time, not lack and miseries.” I was humbled as I heard them speak.

Dear partners, again, this is the reason for my motivation to minister to God in the Himalayas.

Thank you very much for your love, prayer support, and partnership.

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