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Once again, all the praises and gratefulness to the Lord who led us to far-West Nepal to distribute 12 bicycles to our mission field leaders. Because the terrain of far-West Nepal is relatively flat, bicycles are easy to use for transportation and safe to ride. It is a great asset for our mission field leaders to travel both short and long distances for Gospel sharing, visiting believer’s house, doing follow up, attending emergency calls, running house fellowships, and many more things.

We were so blessed to hear Ps. R telling us, “Glory to the Lord, pastor Haron, for I was praying for this bicycle for more than 3 years. Being able to afford food for my family has always been my first priority. Hence, affording a bicycle is beyond my imagination. It was like reaching a star in the sky for me.

Despite many problems, I didn’t pause a day to preach about God and evangelize many people in the most unreached places. I had to travel miles on dusty roads. Many times, I felt sick due to physical exhaustion and heat stroke. My wife and I prayed for something I could use to travel with. We wrote ‘one cycle’ on a piece of paper and stuck it on our wall. For more than 3 years we continuously prayed for it, stretching our hands over the text. 3 years is a long time, but we always had a belief that our God is bigger than anything.

Today, this surprise gift from God has made me cry and added more trust in the Lord. I will double my effort to serve God through this gift. I will utilize it faithfully. Thank you, pastor Haron.”

I must thank, you, partners, for your love and tremendous support to our mission field. I truly appreciate it.


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