I am moving faster and farther!

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Evangelism cannot be done by standing in one place and speaking the Gospel. Doing so is called preaching. But the story is different with RHMI. We reach out to unreached people and search for the lost ones to introduce them to the way, the truth, and the life. We are committed to reaching the most hidden and out-of-way places in the Himalayas.

I firmly believe evangelism is not very easy. It requires courage, strength, motivation, and especially a calling from God. Despite being the fundamental responsibility of every believer, evangelism needs dedication and a heart to travel miles until Heaven is whole. After all, the Bible commands us to Go and preach to the ends of the earth.


Although evangelism brings joy and honor to God’s kingdom, it is hard to perform. Moreover, walking miles does cost physical strength and expenses. Therefore, we have distributed bicycles to our native missionary leaders to overcome such problems.


Ps. S says, “I cannot explain the joy of this beautiful gift, Pastor. I can see myself reaching to more villages and sharing the Gospel. I can see I am moving faster. I fill myself with the courage to travel more and evangelize at a faster pace. I can also follow up with our believers and give fellowships more often. Now, I can visit believers’ houses often and pray for them. It will also help me return home on time to spend my time with my family. I am thankful to the generous hearts for understanding our hardships and providing us with this important asset. May God bless the generous helping hands.”

Dear partners, I am thankful for your continued prayer support and unconditional love. Your generosity is changing lives and multiplying the work of missionaries in the Himalayas. Thank you for everything.



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