Reach Himalaya Ministries International, Inc | Feeding Program
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“Nepal is a country struggling with high food deficiency and to recover from a 10-year civil war. Nepal is the poorest country in South Asia and the 13th poorest country in the world. Half of Nepalese children are malnourished and stunted as a result of starvation and lack of nutrition. 2,000,000 suffer malnutrition. “Two out of every three Nepalese suffer from food insecurity each year”

Reach Himalaya Ministries is leading this amazing project called JESUS KITCHEN that provides a real and hot meal for the homeless, orphans, poor and slums children of the Himalayas. The meals we provide are the traditional Nepali basic meal of Chicken Dal Bhat (chicken, rice and veg). The cost of the meal is $ 3 USD per child. The kids love the fact that someone is taking an interest in them, listening to then, showing them love and compassion. We understand that this won’t solve any of the kid’s long term problems, nor do we say that it will.. All this project is all about is to provide food for children so that they won’t go hungry to bed and to give them a smile on their face, a hand to hold, someone to talk to and someone they can call a Father.

Today we are feeding Thousands of children in the Himalayas.

Friends knowing that the gospel has the power to change eternity drives me to ensure that Christ is being preached among the unreached, poor, orphans and destitute. Your partnership has enabled incredible changes in countless lives in the Himalayas. I know our job is not over! Come join us and help us to provide hot meals for the homeless, orphans, poor and slums children of the Himalayas.