Hearing the Voices of the Destitute

Poverty is pain.

Poor people suffer physical pain that comes with too little food and long hours of work; emotional pain of the daily shame of need and the lack of ability to do anything about it; and the moral pain from being forced to make choices such as whether to pay to save the life of an ill family member or to use the money to feed their children.


Over the past decades, the RHMI team has been working very hard to reach out to the poor native peoples and hear their voices. Such people were never ignored by the Lord, in fact, He was anointed to preach the Gospel to the poor. But now He has given to us, to you and to me, the authority to step forward to save them with the eternal Love of Jesus Christ.

Poverty attacks a person not only materially but also morally. It eats away one’s dignity and drives one into total despair.

Someone once said, “I cannot feed all of the hungry of the world. But I can help the one who is standing in front of me!”

We want to impact every life for Christ! Just like the instructions from God given to Zion in Isaiah 40:9 “You who bring good tidings, Get up into the high mountain….; You who bring good tidings, Lift up your voice with strength, Lift it up, be not afraid….“ we feel the call to declare the Good Tidings in the high mountains of the Himalayas!

To make a difference and fulfill the great commission:

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