Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
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“God Couldn’t Be everywhere, so he made mothers”

Dear moms,
Your arms are more comforting than anyone else’s. You understand what a child does not say. You hold your children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. When they look at you, they look at the purest love they will ever know.
“Then the mother of the child said, ‘As the Lord lives and as you yourself live, I will not leave you.’– 2 Kings 4:30
As we approach Mother’s Day, I am reminded of those strong women who have been touched by Reach Himalaya Ministries.
Here are inspiring stories…
Thank you for your unconditional Love.
Dear Partners,
Greetings to you from the Himalayas!
A woman begins her life as a daughter, then a wife and then a mother – that’s when she feels complete. Her greatness is indescribable, and her struggles are praiseworthy. The next word for love is simply – ‘Mother’.
Anyone can be pregnant or adopt a child, but it takes a real-time of hard work and commitment to be a mother. Mothers are the homemaker who leads a noblest and greatest work that a woman can do. Mothers are nurturers at heart, and while they love to be appreciated, their highest need is to care for others.
Mothers around the world will be celebrated this weekend. As most are quarantined, our sisters in Nepal will be happy if they can simply feed their families for the day because the facts remain as “A healthy family starts with a healthy mother.” Most women in Nepal marry in their teens and quickly begin having children. Their role, duty, identity, and even retirement are wrapped up in their children. The bond between mother and child is the same throughout the world and like everyone, mothers in Nepal want the best for their children.
As we celebrate and honor our Mothers this weekend, let’s also pay some huge respect to their nurturing souls and consider caring for our extended family in the Himalayas.
Let’s share our Love! Let’s do something remarkable to impact lives in remote villages!

Lal Maya Praja is a widow. She lost her entire family except for her elder son by a huge landslide caused by the monsoon rains in her remote village of the Himalayas.

In her village, 200 houses have been swept away by the landslides. But thank God because of her faith in the Lord she and her son are alive. She is the strongest believer in her village. Because of her prayers, her elder son is the full-time pastor in their own village with 358 believers and 39 house churches in surrounding villages. Now both mother and son are serving the Lord with Reach Himalaya Ministries.

This is the impact of your partnership

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY -10th May 2020

We would like to dedicate this short Video, highlighting the women empowerment activities happening all over the Himalayas, to all the brave and wonderful mothers out there who are indeed our prayer warriors, praying for us ceaselessly.

Partner with RHMI today, to make a difference. Thank you!
Hope for the Hopeless,
Pastor Haron Adrian

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