Glucose – Building Blocks

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Praise the Lord, for we did something different this time regarding health concerns. As we heard about the problems caused due to extreme exhaustion and several deficiencies in the body, we produced an idea to educate people about the importance of Glucose – an instant energy drink.

It is a magnificent pleasure to share Jesus’ love and distribute 200 glucoses to our beloved people in central Nepal. These beneficiaries included most older adults with a vitamin D deficiency and other health issues caused by its deficit.

Glucose D is an instant energy drink that provides all the nutrients and minerals required by the body during days of extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It helps to overcome Vitamin D deficiency, dehydration, etc. Glucose has countless benefits, such as cooling body temperature, recovering muscle after a day of agricultural work, serving as a fuel for the brain, and maintaining cardiovascular and digestive health by relieving heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. They became so happy to know its benefit and to receive it.

Purna Praja, 67, said, “The hardship of village lifestyle doesn’t let you pause from your daily works. Struggle and works are our daily bread. We face many health problems such as deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In addition, our place lacks medical centres and helpful medicines or supplements such as this Glucose D. How great and considerable minds are those who understand a villager’s small yet essential need? This instant energy drink will help us maintain dehydration and the system of our body. Thank you, Lord, and all the precious children of God who cared for us and expressed their love. May God bless them.”


Dear partners, the unique approach to caring for them and showing God’s love has strongly impacted them this time. Thank you for your partnership.


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