Gathering The Harvest In South Asia

Gathering The Harvest In South Asia
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Your prayers, love, and donations help us touch thousands of the forgotten in the Himalayas. Sharing the Love of Christ and giving practical help to the children and poor families is often life-changing for them. In the remote villages, our people are searching to find the true God and invent ways to attain salvation. That is why our teams of Missionaries, Evangelists and Pastors are traveling daily, ministering in the most remote villages. They live to take the Good News of Christ to those that are the most unreached in our generation.
This month God opened the door for the 2020 Youth Camp mission trip. We had a beautiful name given for the team as ‘ARROW’. We were in a very remote place where tribes of the Chepang people live. This place is situated in a distance of nearly 88.4 km away from Kathmandu with no electricity, no proper education and no developmental activities. The people in this mountainous location are unreached and ignored by the government as well, But, thank God, we were there to remind them that “GOD has not forgotten you”.
Your prayers, love, and generous support are producing a mighty harvest in Nepal. People are gathering together by the thousands to hear the message of God’s love and hope. Your prayers and support are bearing much fruit. So many people are attracted to the message of God’s love and hope. We train them from the Word of God. In this meeting, 84 people dedicated their lives to God and serve God. They said, now they’re ready to go to the next level and reach their communities like never before.
And also It is pure joy to see people getting saved and being baptized. Heaven rejoices when we give our lives to God and give Him praise! Altogether, 6 people were baptized this month who came from orthodox Hindu and Buddhist family backgrounds. It was awesome to see and be part of God’s beautiful work.
Please pray for the persecuted believers. Christians are beaten and tortured every day, some are killed. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but your prayers and care will deliver them out of all their troubles.

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