Fighting Monthly Pain

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Menstrual pads have provided much love, concern, and awareness among our beloved sisters in the Himalayas. Since we have been distributing quality pads to them, their seriousness towards a healthy and hygienic lifestyle has transformed dramatically.

It is God’s great plan that we could intercede in providing those essential pads to three hundred sisters in distinct parts of the Himalayas in a single month. God is using our sisters in His mission and building His kingdom. Those initiative-taking sisters invite many other sisters to the Church, guiding them in the walk with Christ, reading Bible, participating in sewing training, serving Church through choir service, cleaning church buildings, cooking food, and many more. Despite many ministerial teachings and lessons, we overlook personal, marital, and physical issues. We believe an unhealthy body cannot focus on serving God. Since women face a lot of changes in and out of their bodies, we encourage our sisters to serve Lord with proper health and confidence.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to all the beloved hearts for caring about my underprivileged sisters and equipping them with more confidence. May God bless you abundantly.

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