Faith Comes by Hearing

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Radio speakers embedded with 214+ biblical messages and soothing hymns have impacted many communities in the Himalayas. Our attempts have resulted in bringing the highest glory to the Lord. Many new believers have been touched and moved by the powerful scriptures. Our native missionaries have utilized those teachings and deep Biblical understandings in their sermons.

Those portable radio speakers are carried in their work, played while crossing dense forests at night, and sharing the Gospel among new communities. Many listeners have advanced their faith through the teachings and provoked others to listen at least once.

Ps. M says, “About 300 new believers joined our church due to the teachings in this radio speaker. It sounds unbelievable, but that is the truth. When we gather some information on how they heard about Jesus and happen to visit the church, their most common answer is the radio speaker. They want to understand Jesus more in person and get an answer to most of their questions, so they come to church. This radio speaker has become our friend. Thanks to all the generous people of the Lord for their precious gifts.”

Dear partners, I thank you for your continued generosity with all my sincere appreciation from my heart. May God bless you.


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