Cross Has A Final Word

Cross Has A Final Word
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We have been praying for many years to install a huge cross up in the high mountains. This first month of 2020 has brought us to see our vision come to pass. We were able to install three huge 25 foot high crosses weighing 300 kg on the high snowy mountain of Mt. Peltor, situated at an elevation of 7,422m above sea level. The location lies above the place which can be accessed through our Ruby Valley Church in the Himalayas. It takes nearly 3 days to reach that mountain from the capital city, Kathmandu. It was, indeed, not easy to transport such huge crosses to the location. It required nearly 80 men to lift the cross and place it. This was truly miraculous!
On the first day, we couldn’t place the crosses due to heavy snowfall. Similarly, on the second day due to a heavy hailstorm, we had to postpone our plan. It was impossible to climb down the mountain for night shelter. However, we managed to stay motivated in such a worst climate change and win over the attacks of evil spirits. On the third day, the weather was so good to place the crosses. It took two days to install the crosses.
Since lots of mountains of Nepal are named after Hindu gods and goddesses, there are a lot of strongholds of the demonic power over the lands, and our main reason to install such huge crosses on the top of this highest mountain was to make it visible from different mountains covering different districts of Nepal. It is not only a reminder that Jesus died on a cross to become the Savior of the world but, also, that He came to earth to Voluntarily pay the penalty for our sins… so that we can have eternal life.
We wanted every new generation to at least take a pause and look over the tall crosses and explore the meaning of them. We hope every person who can notice such tall crosses from far distances shall understand that salvation and redemption is only possible through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross.

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