COVID-19 Relief Efforts


Many remote Villages of the Himalayas are going through particularly challenging times as migrant workers and families with infants are either stranded due to the nationwide lockdowns or forced to return home, traveling hundreds of miles by foot. They are not concerned with “luxury items” such as soap, hand sanitizer, face masks, or gloves when basic needs like clean water, food, shoes, and medicine are missing. Third World countries receive little to no relief aid, and more people are dying as a result of starvation.

Our ministry’s response to COVID-19 is aiding local pastors and leaders who purchase and distribute rice, fruits and vegetables, and cooking oil among vulnerable communities. They are the frontline workers who risk their lives to travel long distances to help those in need. Moreover, they continue to spread the Gospel and hand out Bibles. In these difficult times, our hope is that people receive physical and spiritual food.

COVID Relief

Even though our world is going through a unique season, let us not forget the world outside our own! We personally invite you to make an impact in thousands of lives by continuing to support projects which help those most affected by COVID-19. Together we can improve and even save precious lives! Won’t you please commit to aiding us in this fight? We are incredibly grateful for your generosity and prayers! Our prayers are for divine joy, peace, and health over you and your loved ones.

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