Cover to the Shame

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The Bankariya is one of the endangered tribes of Nepal, isolating themselves behind the deepest woods of Central Nepal. Due to the lack of developmental infrastructure, proper education, and other services, the pleas for help from this tribe are ignored and disregarded by many responsible outsiders. They are the most vulnerable and dominant people living in this area.

However, the glories go to the Lord, who assigned us to remain first among them, evangelize them, build God’s foundation, and share our concerns through numerous humanitarian tasks. We are blessed to establish many positive humanitarian activities among them and invite them to the home of God. We are delighted to collaborate with our mission field leaders and share God’s love with them.

This month was another blessing for us. We successfully distributed sanitary pads to 80 families. Due to the inappropriate and unhealthy treatment, many vulnerable women and children have lost their lives. In addition, these helpless individuals use unprescribed or dirty home treatments since they lack access to medical facilities. It is especially challenging for women during their monthly menstruation periods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is why sanitary pads are one of their essential basic needs.

Beloved partners, I thank you from the inner core of my heart for your generosity and for helping my sisters become responsible health wise. As a result of your help, they have become more aware of this most sensitive yet ignored issue. May God bless you abundantly.

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