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Hundreds of Targets with One Arrow

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It is delightful praise of the Lord that we received another honour of providing two projectors to our missionary leaders. Many influencings and blessed Christian Nepali movies have and intend to impact Nepalese societies and Nepali language understanding majorities significantly. We have years of many life-changing testimonies where few people have restored their cataract eyesight while watching Jesus’ movie. Still, in many parts of our mission fields, the regular Christian movie show brings many lives to Christ and builds unbelievable testimonies. The film conveys a unique enthusiasm, better understanding, and quickly comprehensible knowledge. It is what I call hundreds of targets with one arrow.

Dear partners, thank you very much for your partnership. Thank you for providing such compatible, handy, and portable projectors. Your generosity in building God’s nation is commendable. May God bless you more.


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Fighting Monthly Pain

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Menstrual pads have provided much love, concern, and awareness among our beloved sisters in the Himalayas. Since we have been distributing quality pads to them, their seriousness towards a healthy and hygienic lifestyle has transformed dramatically.

It is God’s great plan that we could intercede in providing those essential pads to three hundred sisters in distinct parts of the Himalayas in a single month. God is using our sisters in His mission and building His kingdom. Those initiative-taking sisters invite many other sisters to the Church, guiding them in the walk with Christ, reading Bible, participating in sewing training, serving Church through choir service, cleaning church buildings, cooking food, and many more. Despite many ministerial teachings and lessons, we overlook personal, marital, and physical issues. We believe an unhealthy body cannot focus on serving God. Since women face a lot of changes in and out of their bodies, we encourage our sisters to serve Lord with proper health and confidence.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to all the beloved hearts for caring about my underprivileged sisters and equipping them with more confidence. May God bless you abundantly.

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Glucose – Building Blocks

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Praise the Lord, for we did something different this time regarding health concerns. As we heard about the problems caused due to extreme exhaustion and several deficiencies in the body, we produced an idea to educate people about the importance of Glucose – an instant energy drink.

It is a magnificent pleasure to share Jesus’ love and distribute 200 glucoses to our beloved people in central Nepal. These beneficiaries included most older adults with a vitamin D deficiency and other health issues caused by its deficit.

Glucose D is an instant energy drink that provides all the nutrients and minerals required by the body during days of extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It helps to overcome Vitamin D deficiency, dehydration, etc. Glucose has countless benefits, such as cooling body temperature, recovering muscle after a day of agricultural work, serving as a fuel for the brain, and maintaining cardiovascular and digestive health by relieving heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. They became so happy to know its benefit and to receive it.

Purna Praja, 67, said, “The hardship of village lifestyle doesn’t let you pause from your daily works. Struggle and works are our daily bread. We face many health problems such as deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In addition, our place lacks medical centres and helpful medicines or supplements such as this Glucose D. How great and considerable minds are those who understand a villager’s small yet essential need? This instant energy drink will help us maintain dehydration and the system of our body. Thank you, Lord, and all the precious children of God who cared for us and expressed their love. May God bless them.”


Dear partners, the unique approach to caring for them and showing God’s love has strongly impacted them this time. Thank you for your partnership.


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David vs. Goliath

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Who can stand us when Jesus is in our favour? Who dares to stop us when Jesus holds our hands?

Harsh weather is not His obstruction. No storm nor thunder could ever stop His mighty plans. Nature is His creation, and they obey His commands. The recent mission trip to another deep location in central Nepal testified this witness. When recent floods and heavy rainfall obstructed Nepal, we stepped out to make a difference in the bereaved families and distributed food relief to 200 beneficiaries. It was the best opportunity for us to share Jesus’ love and spread the gospel through the human act. The kindness bestowed in times of hardship and loneliness significantly impacts anyone’s life.

The rainy season, distant locations, inaccessibility of transportation, and scary rivers were only a few death risks. People needed to walk miles to collect the food. As some mothers could not leave their children home, they had to bring them. Above that, they crossed a bridgeless river separating two different villages. Therefore, villagers were shaking as the water rose in the river. The tractor filled with food relief broke down while passing through the river. It scared us because we were more concerned about the food in it. The rising river could not only sweep tractors but all the food relief. The situation went worse when we had to bring a bulldozer finally to pull it off the river.

Ps. P says, “This has never happened before, pastor. The weather changed so drastically that it made our life more challenging. Especially mothers carrying their children on their backs and lifting heavy food relief at the same time while crossing the river took away my breath. It is not a witness of their strength, experience, or capability but a clear image of their pressure, hardship, poverty, and fear of famine. Most of their fields, livestock, and houses were swept away by heavy landslides, and they went homeless. If they get morning food, they fear collecting evening meals. Children stayed starving for many days last week. Recently one family lost their lives because of a landslide. Shifting places is not an option because this is our forefather’s land.

But all thanks to the generous hearts of beloved God’s people who cared about us and sent their love. Our gratitude to our caretakers for immediately enlightening us about God’s timely presence. May God bless each one of them.”

Dear partners, as the picture speaks the truth, the situation was intense in this area. People are struggling for their lives and thank you very much for putting your feet in my people’s shoes. Thank you for your kindness and unconditional generosity. Thank you for your partnership.

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A start of something new

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In Nepal, women face disproportionate risks as vulnerable people. Many sisters face unendurable torments and torture. Despite their best efforts to become a good daughter to someone’s wife, women go through divergent phases of their lives in fulfilling their callings.

Sumaya Praja says, “I don’t belong to a modern generation. Unlike other women, I had no access to the contemporary world where ladies enjoy all the luxuries of life. And I know I am not the only story here. The struggles of a village have always shaped my life. I also wanted to study, understand the world, become independent, and lead my people. But the daily village lifestyle always kept me away from receiving such opportunities. Sometimes, I feel like we should not even dare to dream higher because we do not deserve big dreams. Higher dreams belong only to the luckiest people on Earth. But how would we know that there is somebody in Heaven who loves us unconditionally and cares for us ever since we were born?

Life’s despair has always abandoned me to do something new. After getting married at 12 years of age, I could not feel that experience of freedom and independence. My drunkard husband’s brutal domestic violence led to divorce that has a whole different story. Nevertheless, my hope and confidence do not end here. I bear the self-confidence of unlocking myself and doing something new every day. And God was, is, and will always be there for me.


It fascinated me when our beloved men and women of God thought about caring for us and helping us become independent through sewing training. These sewing machines are valuable gifts and rays of hope in our lives. Thank you, pastors, for caring for us. As a result of these sewing machines, our lives will take on a new direction. First, we will set a time for fellowship before sewing. Then we will invite more sisters to join us. We also look forward to sustaining our lives through new business openings and making ourselves independent. Thanks to all the helping hands for loving our tribes.”

Dear partners, as usual, sewing machines have a significant impact on our sisters in the Himalayas. This small yet impactful generosity has guided many sisters to lead their lives into a new shape, giving them the courage to start something new with the love of God.


Your help, generosity, and prayer have always become a source of transforming the community and impacting lives. Thank you for your partnership.

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Cover to the Shame

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The Bankariya is one of the endangered tribes of Nepal, isolating themselves behind the deepest woods of Central Nepal. Due to the lack of developmental infrastructure, proper education, and other services, the pleas for help from this tribe are ignored and disregarded by many responsible outsiders. They are the most vulnerable and dominant people living in this area.

However, the glories go to the Lord, who assigned us to remain first among them, evangelize them, build God’s foundation, and share our concerns through numerous humanitarian tasks. We are blessed to establish many positive humanitarian activities among them and invite them to the home of God. We are delighted to collaborate with our mission field leaders and share God’s love with them.

This month was another blessing for us. We successfully distributed sanitary pads to 80 families. Due to the inappropriate and unhealthy treatment, many vulnerable women and children have lost their lives. In addition, these helpless individuals use unprescribed or dirty home treatments since they lack access to medical facilities. It is especially challenging for women during their monthly menstruation periods to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is why sanitary pads are one of their essential basic needs.

Beloved partners, I thank you from the inner core of my heart for your generosity and for helping my sisters become responsible health wise. As a result of your help, they have become more aware of this most sensitive yet ignored issue. May God bless you abundantly.

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Faith Comes by Hearing

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Radio speakers embedded with 214+ biblical messages and soothing hymns have impacted many communities in the Himalayas. Our attempts have resulted in bringing the highest glory to the Lord. Many new believers have been touched and moved by the powerful scriptures. Our native missionaries have utilized those teachings and deep Biblical understandings in their sermons.

Those portable radio speakers are carried in their work, played while crossing dense forests at night, and sharing the Gospel among new communities. Many listeners have advanced their faith through the teachings and provoked others to listen at least once.

Ps. M says, “About 300 new believers joined our church due to the teachings in this radio speaker. It sounds unbelievable, but that is the truth. When we gather some information on how they heard about Jesus and happen to visit the church, their most common answer is the radio speaker. They want to understand Jesus more in person and get an answer to most of their questions, so they come to church. This radio speaker has become our friend. Thanks to all the generous people of the Lord for their precious gifts.”

Dear partners, I thank you for your continued generosity with all my sincere appreciation from my heart. May God bless you.


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Filters for safe-drinking Water

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A thirsty person knows the value of a drop of water. So, the issue cannot be ignored, even in the remotest part of the Himalayas where wells cannot be drilled. People there also need safe drinking water. The high mortality rate of native people drinking unfiltered water from a river became our topmost priority to share our love and concern. When we heard that many children and older people are suffering from water-borne diseases and unable to receive proper medical treatments, we decided to prevent the issue with an easy, yet impactful remedy, using water filters.

The water filter we provided works in three steps:


  1. The large internal surface area physically traps sediments and contaminants.
  2. Activated carbon acts like a magnet for lead and volatile organic compounds as water passes through.
  3. Chemical reactions inside the filter reduce chemicals on contact.

We believe this will reduce the high mortality rate and prevent sicknesses due to contaminated water.


Pastor S says, “Because of contaminated water, many believers suffer from different diseases and cannot visit the church regularly. In addition, children become sick and unable to attend school. My family and I have suffered from amebiasis, hepatitis, and gastroenteritis. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper health services, we must endure the sickness and treat it through home-based medicines with a high risk of side effects.

But thanks to all our carers for these urgent and timely gifts. These water filters will help us filter water and drink safe water. These water filters have spread the love of Christ and glorified heaven today.”


Dear partners, we are very grateful for your generosity and for loving our community. May God bless you abundantly.



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Answering the Deception with Smile

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Sukumaya Praja is a divorced mother of three children. She had a love marriage at an early age. However, her relationship did not work out with her husband due to his extramarital affairs and drinking habits. Moreover, he did not accept keeping the children with him and sponsoring them due to his inappropriate behaviour. It was too risky to leave children in such a drunkard’s hand.

The lack of parental support and education prevented Sukumaya from filing a case and claiming any of her husband’s property. Her parents asked her to marry another man and resume her happy life but that would have meant leaving her three children. So, she decided to live independently and look after her kids by herself.

However, the lack of education was a significant barrier to advancing her career. Due to her young age, she wanted to continue her study and do something unique from other women in her poor community. Washing dishes, clothes, cleaning houses, and working in restaurants are the only available basic options for someone like her from such a family background.

She says, “Fortunately, I had known Jesus and decided to be loyal to my children. Going to church regularly and daily prayer have brought a ray of hope in my life.”


As soon as we announced the opening of another sewing centre in West Nepal, she was very excited. She said, “Pastor, my happiness has no limitation now. I was uncertain about what I could do for the future. I had no good jobs that would let me independently support my family. The grace of the Lord has given me the confidence to become independent. I want to open my own sewing business and help many women to live independently. The sewing centre project is a most needed plan for many underprivileged, oppressed, and discriminated native communities like us. I am willing to give my best to learn to sew clothes and earn independently. My sincere regards, appreciation, and thanks to all God’s beloved men and women for caring about us.”

Dear partners, your generosity is transforming lives and helping people become independent. Thank you very much for your partnership.

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A Glimpse Changed Everything!

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Harka Bahadur is 69 years old man with severe bone cancer causing him persistent bone pain, swelling, and redness. He had been fighting the pain for years and could not work correctly. Unfortunately, due to poverty, he could not afford the medical treatments. He gave up on his pain and accepted to die in his old days with the disease.

Someone like Harka, coming from the Tharu community, is steadfast in their beliefs of their native Hindu gods and goddesses. It is challenging to share Gospel with them and invite them to God’s kingdom. But just as the Bible says, all knees must bow before His name; all mouths must speak His praises. Harka’s sickness prompted him to bow before Jesus. The countless and commendable efforts of our native missionaries brought him to the church. He gradually became accustomed to coming to church and becoming acquainted with the other brothers. He noticed some relief in his bones and ligaments. He started experiencing comfort in his joints. Our leaders continuously prayed over him, staying fasting and comforting him. The care and prayer finally received a glorious answer.


People could not have imagined that prayers and believers’ love could heal a severe illness like cancer. But everything is possible in God (Matthew 19:26). Today, his new life has elicited many Tharus to come to Christ and submit their lives to Him. Because of his healing, the number of believers has increased. His entire family, relatives, and villagers have accepted Jesus. Praises to the Lord.

Now, I can see trouble is always trouble until we see it from God’s perspective. God did not give Harka that disease, but He did use as a way to save many lives in Him. Harka Bahadur is incredibly happy today and claims to serve the Lord with all his life. The Himalayas are experiencing many powerful testimonies. May I thank our beloved partners and native missionaries for their countless efforts, prayers, support, and commitment. May God bless the reader abundantly.