Blessings Beyond 8,848m

Blessings Beyond 8848m
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Psalms 95:4 In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.

We are immensely thankful to the Lord for He appointed us to do his ministry in another beautiful yet dangerous and highly placed region of our Nepal. This place is one of the Eastern-most remotest areas of Nepal and features high altitudes mountains. It is well known by trekkers as it is home to the highest peak of the world, … the … Mount Everest and its famous trails.

The two major earthquakes which struck Nepal on the 25th of April and on the 12th of May were strongly felt in this place, and thousands of people were affected. 40% of the population have had their houses fully destroyed and almost half of the schools in the district have been destroyed. It was not put on the list of priority districts. Indeed, in terms of casualties, the people living in this district were thankfully more spared than in other areas. However, in terms of destruction, it was as affected as other districts.

The following mission trip was an opportunity for us to visit and pray for the presence of God over those areas.

The trip started at 5 a.m., early in the morning from Kathmandu. We paused to have delicious lunch and dinner on the way. We were completely astonished to see nature’s beauty. We could clearly sense the manifestation of God’s spirit hovering over such a beautiful and breath-taking scenario. The exhausting travel of complete one day ended after a different section of extremely muddy and damaged roads. We also had to climb down several times to push our vehicle too.

As we reached a place where there was no more vehicle accessible, we walked for nearly 1 hour to reach our destination.

We were very happy to meet some local believers who were waiting for us to welcome us and carry our luggage. They helped us in carrying the heavy Bible boxes in local Doko (Nepali Basket) and wrapping with clothes and carrying it by their heads. We are so thankful to them.

We hiked many ups and downs, above steep rocks and through spiky bushes. We also met many believers on our way, greeted them, took some rest at their house, and reminded everyone to attend the upcoming conference. Having fruit juices to quench our thirst while hiking was like nectar for our extreme exhaustion. We were completely dripped with sweats and the hike was really tiring. As we came to know that this specific place has a high demand for the Bible. As we distribute the Bibles to them, we saw something inconceivable that our eyes started filling up with tears. They grasped the Bible, kissed it, and thanked us.

Many believers in the high mountain are praying and fasting that they would receive their own Tribal Bible someday. This is the real passion I salute. All thanks to the Lord, who protected us and kept us safe during this mission trip until our return to Kathmandu. All thanks to entire RHMI’s partners for your commendable prayer support and sacrificial generosities.

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