Bicycle Ministry

Bicycle Ministry
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Reaching out to villages on a bicycle is time to save for native pastors. They reach many more villages in a day than when they had to walk. As our native Pastors evangelize and go to pray for families in need, riding a bicycle helps them be more time reaching their sick church families. We continue to pray to provide for more bicycles for our pastors. This month, with your partnership, we were able to purchase new bicycles for our native pastors and evangelists who are working tirelessly on the ground to reach the people with the Gospel. We want to say Thank You for your helping hand. Now for them, it is easy to travel distance with the Gospel literature and projector. It really touches my heart by seeing the tears of joy in their eyes while receiving the new bicycle. Thank you, Jesus!

“I am an evangelist and my passion is to preach the Gospel and since 3 years I have been praying for this bicycle but now I have received a brand new bicycle which will enable me to travel to the villages to reach my people with the Love of Jesus Christ. Thank you to all who prayed for me and help me to get a bicycle”, said excited Evangelist Boaz.

“God has honored me by giving a bicycle at the right time. My wife and I often have to walk all the way to villages on foot. She often gets tired and falls sick which almost stops me from going to the mission field but now we can easily reach more villages, more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Said an excited Evangelist Ram Ratu.

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