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A Bible for the Himalayan believers is the most prized possession. Yet, in many places dozens believers share one Bible. You can deliver the Word of God for only $5 each

Jesus Himself testified that following God’s Word is a matter of life and death: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4).

Indeed, the Bible is the only book in the universe that tells us how our sins can be forgiven and the name we must call upon for salvation. It is our light in darkness, our comfort in sorrow and our guide in following Christ; it is our courage, strength and everything we will ever need to safely.

There are approximately 6,900 languages worldwide, but approximately only 500 have been translated to the Bible from the protestant canon. About 4,400 of these languages have some portions of scripture available to them. Nevertheless, the 2,500 remaining language groups still need the Bible translated into their own language.

If the Bible is all this, what then is the fate of more than 99 percent of Himalayas thousands of people who have no access to God’s Word? And what about the thousands of new believers in Himalayas who are desperately waiting to receive the Scriptures in their own language? No doubt, their spiritual growth, maturity and steadfastness are directly linked to their access to the Bible. In fact, the very survival, stability, effectiveness and future of the emerging Church depend on whether its members become firmly grounded in God’s Word.

Till today with your partnership 4000 Bibles has been distributed.

We the Reach Himalaya Ministries desire to flood the mission fields of Himalaya with the Word of God. If that is the cry of your heart as well, I pray that you will join with us to make it happen while there is still time. Thank you for sharing the Scriptures with the lost men, women and children of Himalayas.

The Cost of the OT and NT Bible Cost $ 5.5 Including cost of carrying.

The Children Bible with lots of pictures cost $ 7.5 including cost of carrying.