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Witch Doctor to Soul Doctor

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Films about Jesus have been one of the most effective evangelism tools in the Christian ministry. Based on the Gospels, these films have touched the lives and hearts of many destitute and underprivileged villagers of the remote Himalayas for many years.

We are grateful to our active mission field leaders from North India, who travel long routes and rough terrain to share the Gospel and win unreached souls. Their ministry always incorporates the films of the story of Jesus. These films are often more impactful than sharing the Gospel through speaking and writing among the illiterate and simple people of the Himalayas.

Recently, two prominent witch doctors and their entire families accepted Jesus. They saw the victories over difficulties and the unconditional love that Jesus delivered in the movies and it touched their hearts. Seeing the reality of what Jesus did for them brought them to Christ. They have rejected all their senseless, earthly rituals. Now they are committed to carry the Bible for the sake of eternal life in Heaven. Praises to the Lord!

Thank you partners for your love and regular prayer support.

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15 Future Missionaries

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Baptism is an outward testimony of an inward transformation. It’s the first step of obedience for a disciple of Christ.

Therefore, we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so, we also should walk in newness of life. Romans 6:4

Every year, hundreds of new believers from different remote villages of the Himalayas are water baptized and welcomed into the beautiful kingdom of God through the ministry of RHMI.

Recently, 15 young future missionaries have received water baptism in Southeastern Nepal.

These 15 chosen people come from traditional Hindu and Buddhist families. Despite their family backgrounds, they have made a strong decision to accept Jesus and desire to work for Him for the rest of their life. Hallelujah!

This is one of our mission fields that is flourishing with the abundant grace of God, the powerful determination of our committed leaders, and the strong prayer support of our gracious partners.

Thank you for your love and support.

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Our Christmas catalog is here!!

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Wish you a Merry Christmas 2020.

Like every year, I hope you will enjoy the best of this Christmas with your loved ones.

Every year as Christmas approaches, I get so excited about this catalog. Why? Because many times, my heart has shattered, as I have seen many underprivileged lives, heard their tearful stories, and felt their inhumane persecutions. Yet, you have always heard their cries and supported them by being a hope into their lives.

Globally, we are going through a lot of ups and downs this year. COVID-19 has its adverse effects resulting in a lot of bad consequences among every native people while landslides and floods have another side of devastating stories. This year many lost their lives, and many went through extreme hardships.

Still, they hope for a better tomorrow and look forward to celebrating Christmas with fun and excitement forgetting their past, anxieties, and sorrows.

Your prayers and generosity will be the reasons for the beautiful smiles of the underprivileged and downtrodden native people of the Himalayas this Christmas. Your support will convey love, give hope, and awake dreams in people’s hearts that so often felt defeated by their lack. Your support helps light a fire in many kitchens, saves many from depression and unpleasant incidents, brings hope to many darkened lives, and most importantly gives direction in leading lives through Jesus to salvation.

As you consider how to celebrate Christmas, I encourage you to join us in helping deprived families in the remote Himalayas find hope in the Lord. May God bless you and fill you with His joy this special season!

Yours for the people of the Himalayas

Pastor Haron Adrian


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I will proclaim the name of the LORD

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For I will proclaim the name of the LORD; ascribe greatness to our God! – Deuteronomy 32:3

Native Missionaries are the true apostles in the present generation imitating Christ; winning and equipping souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pastor A, senior mission field leader of East Nepal, is one of our apostles who frequently travels to many unreached remote places of the high Himalayas with his dedicated team regardless of any obstacles or hindrances. He is fully dedicated to the Gospel, influencing others in remote villages and in his community toward the Gospel and impacting lives in a great way for Jesus Christ.

During the recent pandemic lockdown, as the church services were obstructed for more than 7 months, our faithful and the humblest brothers and sisters in Christ decided to walk miles to take the Gospel to every believer’s house, raise their spirits, and win one more soul. Despite many challenges, they didn’t quit their plans, because they knew that the reward was just around the corner. They just wanted to hear that small voice that speaks in the times of doubt and joy.

Traveling and hiking for long hours carrying big loads of essential travel equipment and study materials for remote village believers is challenging. But these soldiers of God have the anointing of powerful healing prayer, influential preaching capability, and authoritative leadership and training skills.

Dear partners, thank you very much for praying for them and their safety. Keep supporting through your sacrificial prayer supports.

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The pain of getting hurt by your own people

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Resist him, standing firm in your faith and in the knowledge that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kinds of suffering.~ 1 Peter 5:9

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! For our God is a loving God. While passing through all the sufferings He has always safeguarded us in His safe palms.

We lift our eyes to the mountains— to the maker of heaven and earth, and our help comes from Him.

The Lord watches over us – the Lord is our shade at our right hand; the sun will not harm us by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will always keep us away from all harms – he will watch over our lives. We thank our Lord, for none of our mission field families have got infected by the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you partners for praying for us and having your hearts over the land of the Himalayas.

We also thank our Lord because for years have passed but our partnership has never been hindered and we have been traveling together in the same track with the mighty spirit of the God.

To let you know that your generosities have been awarded by God’s sovereignty, we would like to provide the following weekly report. We believe you will be blessed as we were blessed while preparing it.

Thank you.


“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 7:21

Persecutions is miserable without a doubt. Nevertheless, persecutions, abuses, violence, beatings, humiliations, and discriminations are something our native people have already digested long ago as they had submitted everything unto the Lord for, they knew entering Heaven is not an easy task.

These Native missionaries are the ‘called of God.’ Their authority is above that of the kings of the earth. By revelation, they have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ who serves the Lord day and night, regardless of any harsh seasons, troubles of Life, difficulties, and any challenges.

Mangali Maya is a single old woman who was exiled from her own house by her husband and children due to accepting Jesus and leaving their ancestral religion. Her husband left her immediately and married another woman, as a way that acceptance of Jesus was an excuse for the detachment. Later, her daughter also bet her badly and threw her out of the house.

She could have gone legally for getting her position in her own house but with the heart of Jesus, she decided to bless her daughter and husband. She had lost her son many years ago.

Then, the church provided her a small cottage next to the church. She is going through severe scarcity and food shortages. With the cooperation of the youth’s involvement, she was provided with some blankets, pillows, rice sack, pulses, table salt, and other necessities.

All thanks to the generous helping hearts who extended their hands and had their heart over the pathetic situation of the sick lady.

Dear partner, as you know, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

This old woman was hurt by her own blood, but saved, cared, and loved by her own family in Christ again.

Would you humbly keep on praying for her situation?

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Set Free Forever

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In West Nepal, many new believers have started coming to one of our churches there. They are coming to know Jesus and are being baptized. Signs and wonders are manifesting. Sick people are being healed. Many are being set free from the bondages of their traditions and rituals.

This is one of the most vulnerable places in West Nepal that is regularly affected by floods. Most of the people from this place are poor, uneducated, and often discriminated against. The land is affected by famine and shortages of foods. However, amid such a tragic reality, people are giving their lives to Jesus. According to their testimonies, they have been given new life, new hope, and new a future through Jesus Christ. They are learning to be confident about their faith and stand firm in Jesus’ love and compassion.

Every day new believers are coming to accept Jesus, and many are ready for water baptism.

Please remember this place and God’s people in your prayers.

Thank you.

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Youths for Discipleship

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Ps. R is one of our most dedicated mission field pastors. In spite of trials and persecutions, he has always remained faithful.

Until recently, he had no church building for his congregation to gather in. Many times, they would do fellowship out in an open space, even during heavy rainfall, storms, or scorching heat.

RHMI was able to help him build a new temporary church using bamboo for the sides and tin for roof. Now there are over 60 new believers that have come to know Jesus and are attending the services in this new church. Your support has made this possible.

Ps. R has a strong desire to lift up and motivate youths for the sake of the Lord. He organizes many short-term youth outreaches that minister to others with the Gospel. He has deeply influenced many youths. They are excited to serve in the church and in its services.

Ps. R reports that 9 new believers have accepted Jesus. Hallelujah! And the youths of his church are mentoring them and guiding them to the church and through Bible scriptures.

Please remember Ps. R in your prayers and for his new church and new believers. Thank you.

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Once Lost but Now Found

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After many years of contact, RHMI has established a RHMI family in a small group of tribal people who live in an isolated region of central Nepal. They were traditionally hunter-gatherers of the forest. This ethnic tribe is one of the most endangered communities in Nepal and owns no land. Until two decades ago, they were nomadic, however, gradually, most tribal members came to prefer the settled life in a village. But even today, their villages are remote and inaccessible.

Even though they have been persecuted and rejected, our missionaries faithfully maintained contact with these people. Two years ago, we helped them with food, clothing, and temporary shelter when they lost everything due to floods. We built toilets for them in their camp to help prevent disease. We were very grateful to our Lord when we saw 18 new believers take water baptism recently. New believers are increasing and there are many children here, among which we can establish a good children’s ministry. We also would like to start multiple community development projects. To start with, we want to construct a temporary shelter made up of a tin alloy, which is going to cost approximately $3000.

We are very grateful to our Lord who loves His children and has used us to reach these ethnic groups. We are also grateful to all our partners for loving our tribal groups of the Himalayas.

Kindly pray for these lost nomads who are now new souls in the kingdom of Heaven.

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Children Ministry

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Recently, it was our joy to share quality time with some beautiful children of the Himalayas. We gave them chocolates and chatted with them. It was such a wonderful conversation to learn about their likes, dislikes, aims, passions, interests, and family backgrounds.

These children do not know what the Covid-19 pandemic is. They do not understand why their school is not resuming. But they are more concerned about what they will eat tonight and tomorrow. They are worried about what is going to happen to them.

While most people know about the beauty of the Himalayas, not everyone knows that it is also plagued with extreme poverty and dire circumstances for a large percentage of its population. Two out of three rural families live on less than $3.00 per day, and the children of these families are the most vulnerable segment of the population.

RHMI creates paths out of poverty for the orphaned and abandoned children in the Himalayas. Through sharing the love of Christ, investment in their quality education, and innovative mentorship, we help children to build lives of leadership.

Help us show them the right way to pursue higher studies. Pull them out of the poverty pit and introduce them to the greatness of the Lord. Your partnership matters to them.

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Electronic Scriptures through the air waves

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RHMI provides missionaries, evangelists pastors and house church leaders with mini radio speakers that have over 200 Bible lessons as well as the messages from our regular weekly radio broadcast called ‘The Blessed Life’. These lessons and messages have become like nectar to the most underprivileged and destitute of the Himalayas that keeps them motivated and full of the fire of the Holy Spirit.

During the current lockdowns, the radio ministry is having a greater impact. The lessons and messages recorded in the mini radio speakers have become a best friend to our missionaries and evangelists. They carry it wherever they go, sharing the Gospel and preaching from it. Many have been led to Christ through these lessons.

One example is Kumar C. Kumar is 34 years old and was very frustrated due to the unbalanced series of pandemic lockdown. He is a laborer and dependent on daily wages. Due to the current pandemic situation, he was unable to feed and care for his children properly. Having much anxiety and full of questions, Kumar was listening to a message from the Blessed Life in the mini radio speaker one evening. The message totally changed his faith in Jesus Christ. The topic was ‘God will never forget His covenant part 1’. The episode filled him with new energy and trust in such a way that he continued the series. He called all his children and wife together and asked everyone to kneel to give thanks to Jesus, for He will not forget His covenants.

Two days later, his landlord came to him, and provided him with some food relief. This just amazed Kumar. He declared “God is alive and He never forgets His promises to His children.”

To continue His great miracles, impacting people and renewing minds, RHMI has recently distributed 20 more radio speakers to the native missionaries in the Himalayas.

Your partnership is making a huge difference in the kingdom of Heaven.

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