Adult Literacy

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Meena Kariya always wanted to read and write. She believes that a family is educated if the mother is educated. However, education was and is never an option in her most conservative community. People prioritize early marriage and sustaining daily lives. She falls into such a native uneducated community that believes if they survive the day, that is their most significant achievement.

But the story changed when people started knowing Jesus; thus, visiting the church and attending house churches became regular practices. Believers such as Meena wanted to read the Bible and run fellowships by themselves. Although education is a crucial necessity in today’s society, schooling is the rarest opportunity in the native communities of the Himalayas. However, there is a well-known saying in the Nepali community that the moustache does not stop the mouth from eating. In other words, age is never an excuse while there is a willingness to study.


Dear partners, we are delighted to inform you that we have initiated adult literacy training in the Himalayas to gather people, help them read and write, and talk about Jesus. The six days of classes in a week are conducted in the evening as this is the most suitable time for them to study. The classes last for six months. The adult literacy training includes learning the Nepali alphabet, Bible study, and prayer.


Meena says, “I can’t believe I am learning to read and write at this age. Yes! Indeed, dreams do come true. I always wanted to read and write so I could assist my children in their studies. I wished I could read Bible verses in the regular church service, run house fellowships, understand updated government policies, vote for local government, be a responsible citizen, acknowledge the present generation’s demand for our children’s benefit, and so on. I am so happy that our church is initiating such crucial training. Also, I believe that every believer must be educated to combat persecution. I am thankful to all the graceful men and women for considering such an essential program and loving our community.”

Dear partners, thank you very much for your moral and spiritual support. In addition, I am grateful for your continued prayer support that we have successfully planted adult literacy training. I look forward to planting such training in all the other mission fields and receiving your valuable partnership. Thank you once again.

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