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In Nepal, women face disproportionate risks as vulnerable people. Many sisters face unendurable torments and torture. Despite their best efforts to become a good daughter to someone’s wife, women go through divergent phases of their lives in fulfilling their callings.

Sumaya Praja says, “I don’t belong to a modern generation. Unlike other women, I had no access to the contemporary world where ladies enjoy all the luxuries of life. And I know I am not the only story here. The struggles of a village have always shaped my life. I also wanted to study, understand the world, become independent, and lead my people. But the daily village lifestyle always kept me away from receiving such opportunities. Sometimes, I feel like we should not even dare to dream higher because we do not deserve big dreams. Higher dreams belong only to the luckiest people on Earth. But how would we know that there is somebody in Heaven who loves us unconditionally and cares for us ever since we were born?

Life’s despair has always abandoned me to do something new. After getting married at 12 years of age, I could not feel that experience of freedom and independence. My drunkard husband’s brutal domestic violence led to divorce that has a whole different story. Nevertheless, my hope and confidence do not end here. I bear the self-confidence of unlocking myself and doing something new every day. And God was, is, and will always be there for me.


It fascinated me when our beloved men and women of God thought about caring for us and helping us become independent through sewing training. These sewing machines are valuable gifts and rays of hope in our lives. Thank you, pastors, for caring for us. As a result of these sewing machines, our lives will take on a new direction. First, we will set a time for fellowship before sewing. Then we will invite more sisters to join us. We also look forward to sustaining our lives through new business openings and making ourselves independent. Thanks to all the helping hands for loving our tribes.”

Dear partners, as usual, sewing machines have a significant impact on our sisters in the Himalayas. This small yet impactful generosity has guided many sisters to lead their lives into a new shape, giving them the courage to start something new with the love of God.


Your help, generosity, and prayer have always become a source of transforming the community and impacting lives. Thank you for your partnership.

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