A small hut with heartfelt hospitality

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The Bankariyas are an isolated group of tribal people from central Nepal. They are forest hunters and gatherers. But despite their nomadic past, the Bankariya prefer a settled life in a village. There are still no roads to their villages and no other infrastructural development facilities in Bankariya villages. They lack electricity and especially lack clean water facilities. They are highly vulnerable to waterborne diseases as they get their drinking water from a pond. Also. they have to travel miles to get employment and they suffer much discriminated because of their tribe.

It has been our privilege to begin to minister among them for many years. From the initial contact by one person where they ran into the jungle in fear, RHMI has now begun a small church. We have also provided them with many humanitarian needs. It is a joy to share that we have supported them with greenhouses, agricultural benefits, and animal husbandry support. It is the place where we distributed chicks and they have raised them, multiplied them, and are sustaining their life by trading them and using the eggs to get more protein in their diet.

These people are poor indeed but abundantly rich in their hearts. Recently, we stayed for a few days with them ministering and visiting other villages nearby. We organized fellowships and fed their hunger for knowing more about Jesus. Our dearest pastor of the area welcomed us in his house and honored us with his best hospitality. His house was a small hut covered by hay and logs. The bed was very weak and with few blankets. However, we found peace spending our nights in the woods despite being bitten by jungle bugs. Their welcome and respect to the men of God are amazing. Their hospitality literally won our hearts.

He is truly a man of God. He is the senior leader of the Banakariya community serving God with us for many years. He is so dedicated to God that despite many persecutions from the local communities, he stood firm in his belief and his faith is secure. He has not let any persecutions, troubles, or lack of resources shake his faith. He continues evangelizing and serving God. His determination and faithfulness have brought Jesus into the community. Praises to the Lord for such a committed man of God.
Also, as we saw a big opportunity of expanding the kingdom of God in an effective way for the long-term purpose in this community, it is my pleasure to share that we have recently purchased a plot of land in this area. I can visualize a big church in the future. There is a big potential of welcoming many Bankariyas to the church. Our desire is to have this much discriminated against community come to Jesus and find the undeserved and unconditional love in Him. Their precious souls need to know the eternity in Him.
Rewards for your faithful support are well preserved in Heaven. May God always bless you in all your ministry and well-being.



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