A Journey Form Hell To Heaven

A Journey Form Hell To Heaven
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Superstition is the religion of feeble minds. In the Himalayas, illiteracy and superstitions are very easy to manipulate, resulting in the birth of witchcraft and shamanism. Deep-rooted superstitions have worsened many lives for ages. One of many life stories lies in one of the furthest desolate villages near the Nepal-Tibet border with inaccessible roads requiring 4 days of travel to reach. Another one of our RHMI Pastors named Kumar shared his story with us.
Pastor Kumar’s mother was suffering from asthma, heartburn, and bleeding sicknesses. She became so poor by doing numerous shamanisms offering goats, hens, eggs, almost every livestock, money, selling lands, and making big debts. Medical treatments are not an option in such remote regions. Consequently, those acts resulted in adverse effects in her mind since nothing resulted in any positive signs.

After many years, RHMI’s mission field senior Pastor Selgar encountered them and witnessed their situation amid his evangelical travels. Stating healing and redemption is only possible in Jesus, Pastor Selgar shared the Gospel, testimonies, and read healing scriptures encouraging them to accept Jesus. He also advised them to have 14 days of fellowship in their house which they actually did with strong faith and hope. As a result, on the 15 th day, God miraculously healed Pastor Kumar’s mother from all her sicknesses, demonic spirits, and devil’s detentions.

Immediately, her husband, son Kumar (now he’s Pastor), and daughter accepted Jesus as their ultimate Savior and committed to submit their whole life serving Jesus. He was very overwhelmed to have his mother back and so he started sharing the testimony over whole villages initiating fellowship in his own house.

Having many relatives, neighbors, and villagers converted to Christ, the increase in the number brought them to conduct their fellowships in a small cottage that they covered the roof with hay and plastics. A gradual increase in the number of Christians made his church the first and the biggest church in his village.

Later, RHMI helped him build a church having a capacity of 300 believers. Today, under his supervision, there are a couple of hundred believers including children and women, and 15 house churches in the remote Himalayas. Since the number is increasing every day and the space is congested, the place is in need of a new and spacious church building.

Sadly, he lost his mother two years ago. Despite his great loss, he is thankful to his mother who left a great legacy of truth, way, and eternal life in Jesus.

Pastor Kumar is the living testimony in his area. He is a father of two kids and has been serving God in RHMI ministry with his family for many years.

This young man is gifted with an anointing of healing, whose strong prayer resurrecting a dead woman after long hours was a prominent topic of discussion throughout the village bringing more in Christ.
Kindly, pray for this chosen young warrior of God, who has rejected all the materialistic lusts and fixed his heart and eyes to serve the true Lord owning many testimonies already.

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