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Gradually many endangered tribes in Nepal’s various locations have acknowledged the importance of education. Lately, many such tribes who used to dwell in the jungle are learning the importance of more modern ways. As a result, they have started sending their children to school. However, another problem lies here. The lack of government’s concern has affected many villages by preventing them from having highly qualified teachers and extracurricular facilities.

In the highlight of this issue, we received an opportunity to share the Love of Jesus through the education sector in one of the deepest and farthest schools in central Nepal. The school has grades from nursery to eighth, with around 200 students coming from distant places. The school administration says students must travel miles to the city to upgrade into ninth grade. Also, many students do not intend to attend school due to the lack of extracurricular facilities. They find school boring and tiring. Also, some students do not attend school because they do not have proper school bags to carry their textbooks and lunch boxes.

Keeping that in mind, we distributed school bags, stationaries, and sports items such as footballs, volleyballs, and badminton. Highlighting the sensitivity of covid and other health-related threats, we distributed sanitizers and face masks to the school. We also successfully distributed sanitary pads to the lady students and made them aware of the health-related issues. According to the school administration, many girls remain absent at least 2-3 days a month due to improper treatment and discomfort in class.


However, the school administration thanked us and admitted the love of Jesus through such valuable humanitarian tasks. They said, ” What a blessing this school has now. We feel like this school has been anointed with the footprints of caring people and men with kind hearts. Thank you for caring for our students and preserving the need for education. Your support means a lot to us. It helped maintain the mission of our school. I am sure the students will be attentive and come to school regularly. It feels like the school has been renovated with the love of your generosity. Thank you!”

Dear partners, this is just one of the many sad stories of Nepal’s school. Most schools in the remotest area of Nepal lack proper education and facilities. Most students do not attend school because they lacks dresses, socks, and shoes. Also, if we could do at least a one-day health-related humanitarian activities, such as washing and oiling student’s hair, trimming their nails, sanitizing them, putting creams on their cracked cheeks and heels, or something more, it would completely transform their looks and their heart toward the interest of coming to school. I humbly request your continued prayer.

Dear partners, without your help and support, this would not have been possible. Please be assured that your generosity has always made a profound difference in the lives of people and communities. Thank you for your gracious hearts. Thank you for your partnership.


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