Month: January 2022

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Jacket & woolen caps distribution

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Warm clothes in such a cold place are always in demand. Many are living in poverty in this place. We thank our beloved father and our gracious partners, for providing 71 warm woolen caps for elderly people and 100 warm jackets to our beautiful children. We find ourselves blessed to provide these clothes to such needy ones. Their tearful eyes and heartfelt thanks made us feel even more blessed. Hallelujah!

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Parentless cries

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As life in the most desolate high mountains is very harsh, the conditions of the children are even worse. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain the vulnerability of Himalayan children in words. There is no food, life, education, or social security in their favor. They are open to any harm and extremely vulnerable to life-threatening situations. Simply, to put it in a sentence, they have no future. They are just growing up in the woods and are ending their beautiful childhood in the dust.

My heart fills with a burden for them. I pray that these adorable and innocent hands would hold textbooks and see school doors but unfortunately, many don’t have parents. These children have their own tragic stories about their parents. Some of them haven’t ever known a father or mother. Some are completely orphaned. Some are being raised by their relatives while some are being raised by villagers. But it is difficult for these people to help these children. The ones who are raising them are helpless to feed them anymore because of poverty and their own life struggles. However, if these children could receive any external support for their studies, then they are likely to succeed and would have a brighter future.

Dear partners, would you kindly consider praying for them and their bright future? These adorable children are desperate to grow in Christ and read Bible in the Sunday school. But before that, they need to get enrolled in school to learn the letters.

In doing this, I am sure, we will be raising great native missionaries for the kingdom of Heaven.

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Sharpening the axe

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We have mentioned before the impact made by the radio speaker in the Himalayas. Those audio messages speaking about the deep knowledge of God’s Scripture that are recorded on the SD card have played a vital role among the uneducated community in bringing many to Jesus. I must thank our generous partners for your support for these radio speakers that are handy and easy to handle.

Ps. P says, “The technology has come far, hasn’t it? We have never imagined that we would ever touch such technologies. This is so engaging. I am so happy that now I can learn more from God’s scripture. I will carry it wherever I shall go and work. Many will be amazed to see this. I will share more of the Gospel through it. This will help me to share sermons in our church service too. Praise the Lord. I am so happy, pastor.”

Dear partners, I believe in a small act of kindness resulting in a big impact. This is how we have reached many in the Himalayas already. Thanks to you who are always standing with us in your regular prayer. May God bless you.

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A way in the dark valley

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“To your descendants, I will give this land.” Genesis 12:7

In many remote and hidden villages, there are many untold testimonies of changed lives and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our believers living in terrible suffering know the deepest secrets of the unreached Himalayas. They come from a community worshipping natural deities. Every oldest boy of the house is trained in witch doctor practices and the occult. This way of life does not bring any happiness or hope for a better future.

Now everything is changed. When these restless souls learned of Jesus, their traditional beliefs ceased to exist. As the feet of native missionaries reached the village, the demonic hold over that place was defeated. It is our greatest honor to serve the Lord in such a deadly place.

Recently our team hiked for a full day to reach such a place. We held a big conference among 200+ believers. All of them came from distant places. They were so thirsty for the scriptures that they were presented. The powerful messages filled that thirst for everyone, from elders to children. It was a joy to be among them and be welcomed by their warm hospitality. At the end of the conference, we enjoyed a feast and discussed our difficulties and conditions before and after the pandemics.

Our senior native missionary Ps. R says, “He is our refuge and our fortress; My God, in Him we trust. He has covered our believers with His feathers. And under His wings, we have received refuge; His truth is our shield and buckler. If we had never known Him, we would perish away in the darkest valley of death. But now we walk through that dark valley in His light. We will always be grateful to all those who prayed and supported us.”

Dear partners, it is indeed a glory to the Lord that the people of this land have bowed before Jesus and are now worshiping Him. Your generosity and prayerful support has built a church as a lighthouse comforting many in their desperate anguish.

Thank you very much for your partnership.

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The new year 2022

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The year 2021 ended with loads of blessings. I personally learned many things. I gained a renewed revelation of the importance of spending personal time with God. I learned the value of family time and good health care, as well as many other things. I am also very humbled that I could share what I learned with many and encourage them in their daily lives. I was encouraged myself as I encouraged others. To many, the year 2021 may have been a year of loss, but I see God’s restoration in 2022. I see God filling our homes with blessings and the provisions we need. I see God keeping us safe throughout pandemics.
We were able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Church in KTM with our believers. Our youth volunteers helped us in the campfire, the elders of the church assisted in preparing the BBQ, and the sisters helped in preparing the meals.
I am so delighted to share that our church is really growing stronger as a family. How did your New Year’s Eve go? Let us hear and rejoice with you too.